24 Free TED Talks For Every Project Manager

These fantastic resources are led by experts, suitable for people of all levels, and a great way to take your project leadership further.

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There is plenty of free education out there.

Some of the best training I’ve received is through TED Talks.

These fantastic resources are:

- Led by experts
- Suitable for people of all levels
- A great way to take your project leadership further.

Here Are 24 Free TED Talks Every Project Manager Should See.  

1. Casey Brown:
Know Your Worth and then Ask for it

2. Tres Roeder:
A Sixth Sense for Project Management

3. Richard St John:
8 Secrets of Success

4. Susan Cain:
The Power of Introverts

5. Julia Galef:
Why You Think You’re Right – Even if You’re Wrong

6. Adam Galinsky:
How to Speak up for Yourself

7. Daniel Levitin:
How to Stay Calm when you're stressed

8. Kelly McGonigal:
How to Make Stress Your Friend

9. Tom Wujec:
Build a Tower, Build a Team

10. David Grady:
How to Save the World from Bad Meetings

11. Shawn Achor:
The Happy Secret to Better Work

12. Patrice Thompson:
Closing the gap

13. Jim Hemmerling:
5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

14. Rosalind Torres:
What it Takes to be a Great Leader

15. Itay Talgam:
Lead Like the Great Conductors

16. Elizabeth Lyle:
How to Break Bad Management Habits

17. Dan Pink:
The Puzzle of Motivation

18. Nilofer Merchant:
Got a Meeting? Take a Walk

19. Chieh Huang:
Confessions of a Recovering Micromanager

20. William Ury:
The Walk from “No" to “Yes"

21. Adam Grant:
Are You a Giver or a Taker

22. Margaret Heffernan:
Forget the Pecking Order at Work

23. Julia Dhar:
How to Disagree and Find Common Ground

24. Peter Biddle:
Plucky Rebels - Being Agile in a Non-agile Place

Do a deep dive today or plan the next 24 days with one talk daily!

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