The 7 Most Expensive Words

I hope this message finds you well.

Wanted to share some thoughts.

It's about leadership. And tradition.

A combo that's often too comfortable.

Risky, even.

Here's something striking.

The 7 Most Expensive Words:

"We have always done it that way."

Think about it. What comes with this mindset?

  • Stagnation. 
    The hidden cost? Complacency.

  • Missed Opportunities. 
    What's lost? Innovation.

  • Resistance to Change. 
    Why worry? Obsolescence.

  • Lack of Adaptability. 
    The risk? Irrelevance.

  • Diminished Growth. 
    The consequence? Stalemate.

  • Competitive Disadvantage. 
    The outcome? Decline.

  • Decreased Value. 
    What's at stake? Future.

So, what's the lesson here?

It's more than just sticking to tradition.

It's about questioning.

Challenging the usual.


For growth.

Let's not just repeat the past.

Instead, let's rethink. Reinvent. Thrive.

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Looking forward to your thoughts.


P.S. Part of breaking this mindset is shifting to the Agile Mindset. Click here to learn about my 17 Agile Principles and how to incorporate them into your leadership.