Don’t let risks derail your projects

Why do some project managers sleep soundly while others toss and turn? The answer lies in two magic words: Risk Management.

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Essential Tip: Don’t let risks derail your projects.

Here's why (and how to tackle it):

How often do you identify risks early in your project?

Project managers might fall into the trap of over-optimism:

You focus on the plan going right, instead of preparing for what could go wrong.

Reflect on this:

In the past projects, how often did you proactively address potential issues?

Did you set aside time each week to review and update your risk register?

A simple approach is best:

  • 10% of your time, you might spot big risks that could upset your project. You'll feel alert and ready to create solid contingency plans.

  • 10% of your time, risks might seem distant or unlikely. You'll feel tempted to ignore them or hope they'll vanish on their own.

  • 80% of your time, risks will be average—not urgent, not negligible. This is when your steady attention to risk management really counts.

Successful projects are often the result of handling those 80% of average risk days well.

Anyone can react when a major risk becomes a crisis.

But it's the consistent tracking and managing of everyday risks that truly makes or breaks a project.

Even when risks seem manageable or even trivial, they deserve your attention.

Acknowledging and preparing for them avoids the snowball effect—they're easier to tackle while they're small.

So, next time you're tempted to skim over your risk log, take a moment.

Acknowledge the small risks and plan accordingly.

Remember: A small step in risk management can prevent a giant leap into project failure.

Effective risk management is at the heart of project leadership.

It shapes:

  • your project’s resilience

  • your team's confidence

  • your reputation in the industry.

So, if you’ve successfully navigated through risks,

Celebrate that success!

Acknowledge your team's hard work and foresight.

And for those honing their risk management skills,

Stay the course: your diligence is your project's safeguard.

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