Find and Work with a Project Champion

Get practical tips on finding and leveraging their expertise.

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I’m excited to explore a pivotal strategy for project success:

Identifying and effectively utilizing a Project Champion.

This role, often underestimated, can significantly elevate your project's trajectory.

Understanding the Role of a Project Champion

A Project Champion isn't just a team member;

they're a dynamic force.

They combine enthusiasm, influence, and dedication to propel your project forward.

Their involvement can lead to greater visibility, resources, and overall success.

The Need for a Project Champion

  • Resource Mobilization:
    Champions help acquire necessary resources.

  • Team Motivation:
    Their enthusiasm inspires the entire team.

  • Strategic Problem-Solving:
    Champions are adept at overcoming obstacles.

  • Effective Communication:
    They articulate and promote your project's goals.

Steps to Finding Your Project Champion

  1. Analyze Your Network:
    Review your contacts to identify individuals who align with your project's goals and possess the necessary influence and enthusiasm.

  2. Craft a Compelling Message:
    Create a persuasive overview of your project, emphasizing its value and potential impact.

  3. Utilize Networking Opportunities:
    Attend industry events, workshops, or conferences to connect with potential champions.

  4. Engage with a Tailored Approach:
    Reach out to potential champions with a personalized message, demonstrating how their involvement can make a difference.

  5. Clarify Expectations and Incentives:
    Be transparent about the role's requirements and highlight how their participation can benefit them professionally or personally.

Making the Most of Your Project Champion

  1. Establish Clear Objectives:
    Define specific, measurable goals for your champion to focus on.

  2. Maintain Regular Communication:
    Set up consistent meetings or check-ins to discuss progress, challenges, and strategies.

  3. Empower Their Advocacy:
    Encourage your champion to use their network and influence to advocate for your project.

  4. Involve Them in Critical Decisions:
    Seek their input on important project decisions, leveraging their expertise and perspective.

  5. Acknowledge and Celebrate Success:
    Regularly recognize and appreciate your champion's efforts, reinforcing their commitment and motivation.

Implementing a Project Champion in your strategy can offer unparalleled support and guidance.

I encourage you to seek out a champion for your next project and witness the positive changes it brings.

I’d love to hear about your experiences or plans regarding Project Champions.

How have you seen this role impact projects?

Until next time,


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