Your Professional Development

Yesterday I sent you a private invitation to my new community.

We all have to do professional development to keep up.

Don't pay more or waste your time on useless courses.

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There are many AI communities out there.

But none solely focused on the field we love.

AI Insights Circle is an exclusive, invitation-only club designed to empower you with cutting-edge knowledge and a supportive network at the nexus of AI and Project Management.

You are a loyal reader of my newsletter, so I invite you to my new community.

A reminder that I’m sending this invitation to less than 1% of those folks, including you.

Please do not share this invitation on social media or forward it to anyone.

I’m offering the invitation to you (the 1% of my followers) at half the monthly price I’ll deliver to the public. And, as a Founding Member, your rate will never increase (as I slowly increase everyone else’s rate).

The deadline to join is March 21st.

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AI in Project Management is happening now, not in the future.

See you in the community,


P.S. When you become a member of the AI Insights Circle, you will get all of your professional development needs covered for 1 low monthly membership:

  • 2x Monthly AI Tool Analysis

  • 1x Monthly In-Depth Use Case Studies

  • 1x Monthly Live MasterClass w/ Certificate

  • Exclusive Bonus Calls

  • 24/7 Access to All Recordings

  • Private Chat Group

  • Flexible Membership

  • Discount on All Playbooks and Coaching

Be sure to sign up before March 21st here to become a Founding member.

I will only offer 1 round of openings for Founding Membership with the benefits.