Quick question for you

Hey - quick question for you.

I’v been offering 1:1 coaching. General career stuff.

But I want to go deeper and focus on 1 specific outcome and really help people with it.

Do you mind replying back and letting me know the #1 below that would be most beneficial to you, and that if given the opportunity, you would consider signing up for?

  1. Finance Focus: Enhance your earning potential through coaching on securing raises, bonuses, and promotions, and achieving greater workplace visibility and recognition.

  2. Advancement Focus: Elevate your career by transitioning from your current role to a senior position, including tailored interview preparation strategies.

  3. Branding Focus: Transform your professional image with a LinkedIn profile overhaul, effective hiring manager search strategies, and impactful cold outreach scripts.

  4. Tactical Focus: Master comprehensive project planning and execution skills, tailored for both new and experienced project managers.

Just reply back with a 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Thanks for your time - your response will really helps shape what I do.

I’ll record your response and in the future, offer you 25% whatever we do.