Quitters never win, right....?


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Quitters never win, right?


The most successful people are "quitters."

Here are the 21 things they quit:

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  1. They quit projects that waste their time.

  2. They quit jobs that aren't right for them.

  3. They quit mindsets that hold them back.

  4. They quit people who don't elevate them.

  5. They quit habits that don’t serve their goals.

  6. They quit strategies that fail to deliver results.

  7. They quit environments that limit their potential.

  8. They quit excuses that keep them from moving forward.

  9. They quit doubts that paralyze their progress.

  10. They quit fears that stifle their creativity.

  11. They quit routines that drain their energy.

  12. They quit distractions that derail their focus.

  13. They quit commitments that don't align with their vision.

  14. They quit beliefs that limit their possibilities.

  15. They quit paths that lead nowhere.

  16. They quit obligations that weigh them down.

  17. They quit toxic relationships that harm their wellbeing.

  18. They quit traditions that don't make sense anymore.

  19. They quit comparison with others.

  20. They quit perfectionism that stops them from starting.

  21. They quit overthinking that delays their actions.

How many of these things are you ready to quit to reach your fullest potential?