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14 wise statements on project management

Happy Wednesday!

Today, let's draw inspiration from one of the most respected figures in the project management field, Dr. Harold Kerzner.

He's a renowned author and expert in project management, and his insights have guided many professionals in their careers.

Here are 14 impactful thoughts from Dr. Kerzner that can profoundly influence how we approach project management:

  1. "Project management is not just about schedules and templates; it’s about getting things done in the most efficient way."

  2. "In project management, success is often determined by the questions you ask rather than the answers you give."

  3. "The most successful project managers are those who continuously learn and adapt to changing environments."

  4. "Risk management is not optional; it’s an integral part of project management."

  5. "The key to effective project management is communication - it's the glue that holds everything together."

  6. "A project without a clear goal is like a ship without a rudder."

  7. "The best project managers are those who can anticipate and adapt to changes, not just those who follow a plan."

  8. "Project management is as much about leading people as it is about managing tasks."

  9. "Projects are temporary, but relationships last. Always prioritize your team."

  10. "Quality in project management is not about adding more work; it’s about adding value."

  11. "The most important resource in project management is not your tools or techniques, but your people."

  12. "Success in project management is not just about delivering on time, but also about delivering the right value."

  13. "In project management, sometimes the most productive thing you can do is to stop and think."

  14. "A project manager's best tool is their ability to listen and understand the needs of their team and stakeholders."

Reflect on these insights from Dr. Kerzner and let them guide your approach to managing projects.

They can transform your perspective and approach, leading to greater success.

Wishing you a productive and insightful weekend ahead!


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